Otto Frühwirth - AUT

Since 1989 I’m an agility dog handler and agility trainer.

At that time we had our collie-shepherd bitch Daysy, with her I have participated very successfully in many tournaments.

In 1990, our Malinois bitch Bea joined us. After many successes at home and abroad in 1995 I managed to be qualified for the Agility-EM in Turin.


Daysy and Bea were two of the first A-3 dogs in Austria.


When Daysy left us in 1999, we got a new dog named Chat – a young Malinois male.

Up to then, I started with Bea at the Oldies and also Chat was just trained in agility. 2001 Bea unfortunately left us and I had to retire Chat early in 2005, because of spinal disc problems.


Since 2007, I lead our daughter’s Sheltie bitch Tiki quite successful at international tournaments.


Chat had to leaf us on 13 September 2010 because of bone cancer.

Unfortunately, my job doesn’t allow me to purchase a puppy and training it in agility.


In 1994 I became agility judge in Austria and since 1996 I’m an international agility judge.

I have already judged in several countries, furthermore I was judge at the WM 2009, the EO and several AWC-finals.


The whole year I am working as a coach and seminar leader.


I’m always trying to develop my knowledge internationally as a judge.

My courses are challenging, but my aim is to keep things fair.